Tips for Female Solo Travel


Traveling alone can be the most enjoyable thing ever. You can decide on what to do by yourself, without having to follow others’ wishes. In other words, you decide your terms for everything.

But when you are a woman it can be a bit challenging, even more, if it is your first trip. There are a lot of safety issues to consider, and a lot of research to do. In continuation, you can read some tips and advice for women who travel solo.

Choose Your Destination Wisely

The first thing to do when you decide to go on a solo trip is to do some research. Dig deep and find out everything you can about the place, about the people and whether they are friendly, write down the local emergency numbers, etc. When you are choosing a destination to visit, always keep in mind to look for places that have acceptable safety rank and little or no crime at all. Also, investigate some of the best cities for women to solo travel. Some of them include Montreal in Canada, Vienna in Austria, Zagreb in Croatia, and a lot more.

Trust Your Instinct and Act Like A Local

Most women who travel alone said that their intuition is what led them to make the right decisions. So, you should always trust your gut. If your instinct tells you that there is something off, it is because there probably is. But also, if it tells you that everything is good, you should relax, enjoy your trip and not overthink everything. 

One other tip is to stay aware and be less of a target. Some tourists tend to give away immediately that they do not know other people and places. Try to act like a local person, without giving away too much that you are new and only visiting the place.

Transit Safely and Meet New People

When you are traveling alone, you should always use public transportation. Female travelers tend to use public buses, taxis, or uber. When you are transitioning, avoid listening to music and keep your stuff close to you. Also, try to avoid the lonely and dark alleys. 

One great tip from other women who go on trips alone is to move to places where there are other people. When you are surrounded by other people it makes you less of a target, and even gets you the chance to talk to other people and find out some cool facts about the place. Be open to meeting new friends. You never know if a local person you just met might become your travel companion on the next trip. There are a lot of incredible people in the world who love to chat, help, exchange ideas, and meet adventurous souls.

Choose A Safe Housing 

Before going on your trip you should research and book your accommodation. Try to choose a place that is in a safe and friendly environment, and that has a lot of positive reviews. If your budget allows you, you could consider staying in a hotel. Another option is staying at a hostel. It could lead to you meeting other fellow solo travelers and give you a sense of safety. It could also be the beginning of some new friendships and interesting experiences.


Traveling alone can be fun if planned well. It could give you the most memorable experiences and lead you to meet new potential friends. Who knows, maybe you will even meet your soulmate. Solo trips are a true gift for the soul and the most important thing to remember is to have lots of fun and a good state of mind.


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