Home Tourism Tourism startup LynKey launches NFT solutions for travel experiences

Tourism startup LynKey launches NFT solutions for travel experiences

Tourism startup LynKey launches NFT solutions for travel experiences


Another travel startup getting into the NFT game is Singapore-based LynKey, a platform that has started to digitize luxury tourism resorts, hotels and properties.

Using a blockchain-powered token marketplace and ecosystem, LynKey claims it is “tokenizing” more than $8 billion worth of properties at launch.

The startup says its objective is to “tokenize all aspects of property development – purchases, leases, land use and related tourism entertainment – into an international blockchain-powered ecosystem.”

It says it is aiming to connect people with property tech and smart tourism experiences from resorts and cruises with NFTs and metaverse AR and VR solutions.

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LynKey eliminates the need for non-necessary intermediaries, allowing users to explore the ecosystem that offers real-time solutions and eventually metaverse experiences.

“Using NFTs and metaverse solutions with AI data-driven protocol sets, we are creating clear digital transformation solutions for the travel and entertainment space with smart tourism and property tech that can help these industries in new solutions to empower these global industries,” says Dinis Guarda, founder and non-executive chairman of LynKey.

“LynKey connects the global audience with a blockchain-powered platform and a token that empowers an ecosystem for time-sharing using NFTs as a digital certification, and reward solutions at premium luxury tourist spots.”

Adds Cindy Tran, co-founder and chairwoman of LynKey: “Despite globalization, COVID challenges in the tourism and travel industry persist. Blockchain and NFT technology can address and resolve these issues. Most global travelers or property buyers have to deal with local currencies, lack of transparency in buying or leasing property and timeshares and losing money to high exchange fees or worse. A consolidated marketplace and token solution will solve many of these issues.”

LynKey’s token, NFTs and first property resort projects will be announced in Q1 2022. The first properties and resorts it will digitize will be in Vietnam.


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