Travel to this hill station is very cheap



Everyone has the hobby of travelling. But thinking about the money that is spent while roaming, many people retreat and keep sitting in the four walls of the house. But going to the place where we are going to tell you about today will not be heavy on your pocket. Even if you take only 5000 rupees here, you can have a whole lot of fun.

The name of the place is ‘Lansdowne’ Very few people know about this hill station located in Uttarakhand. There are many beautiful scenes that are often seen in films and photos along with natural beauty.

The places to visit here are War Memorial and Tip-in-Top Point, Bhulla Tal Lake, Kalagarh Wildlife Sanctuary and Trekking of mountains. You can also eat a variety of food after coming here. You can order dishes of your choice at Tipsy Restaurant, Mayur, Fairydale Restaurant. By the way, local food stalls also have a lot of options that are quite budget-friendly.


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