We’re travel experts – here are the best ways to save cash and avoid the queues this summer


HOLIDAY-MAKERS fear a summer of chaos is ahead as travellers have been hit by rising costs and massive waits at airports.

As covid restrictions continue to be lifted across the world, Scots will be desperate to enjoy some overseas sunshine.


These hacks could help boost your hols this summer

But cancellations and security hold-ups are causing people to get hot under the collar for all the wrong reasons.

While a lot of the mayhem may be out of our hands, there are some things we can control.

And we’ve rounded up some of the best travel experts’ advice to help holiday-goers get the best deals and avoid the dreaded queues.

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HOLIDAYS are expensive – but there are ways to claw back some of your hard-earned cash.

If you use a credit card when you’re abroad, consider switching to a travel credit card.

As well as typically not charging for being used overseas, they often offer excellent exchange rates and some may even reward you for travelling, offering a points system or cashback. Just make sure to pay back everything in full and on time to avoid charges.


WHILE it’s tempting to want to be at the front of every queue, sometimes it’s worth waiting.

It doesn't always pay to be at the front of the queue


It doesn’t always pay to be at the front of the queue

One travel expert, US airport worker Thomas Lo Sciuto, says making sure you’re among the last passengers to check in can speed up baggage collection.

If your cases are loaded onto the plane last, the chances are they’ll be first to come off the plane at the destination airport, meaning less hanging about.


LOTS of the seasoned travellers say the same thing – if you don’t ask, you don’t get.

Whenever you’re checking into a hotel, make sure you ask at reception – or a concierge – for an upgrade.

Experts say you have a better chance of getting an upgraded room if you mention you’re there for a birthday, anniversary, or any other special occasion, and if you book during a quieter period.


CHOOSING the right day to depart can save you cash, according to the experts.

Knowing when to fly is key


Knowing when to fly is key

Most people want to head off on hols at the weekend, so flights can be pricier on a Saturday and a Sunday.

Savvy travellers should fly between a Tuesday and a Thursday to cut down on costs.


SPENDING on trip essentials can rack up but one savvy holiday-maker has a great hack to save cash on your travel toiletries, which all have to be under 100mls if you’re taking hand luggage only.

TikTok user Emma Mahon says instead of buying tiny, and often pricey, items she places a Boots order of full-size bathroom staples on an airport click and collect – meaning she could pick it up after security.

As well as being bigger, longer-lasting toiletries, they don’t have hiked up airport pricetags.


FOR travellers in the unfortunate position their flight is cancelled or held up, it’s key to know your rights – as it could see you cash in.

Know your rights if you're stuck in long delays


Know your rights if you’re stuck in long delays

If your delay is two hours or more for short haul flights you may be entitled to meals and refreshments, accommodation or hotel transfers if an overnight stay is required.

For medium haul flights of two to four hours, the delay must be three hours or more to claim compensation, rising to four hours for long haul journeys.

If the delay lasts longer than five hours, you can choose between being rerouted on a different flight or getting a refund. Compensation can be claimed where less than 14 days’ notice was given for the cancellation.


IF you can be flexible with where you want to go on hols, there is a clever hack to find super cheap flights.

Travel blog LifeofJazz, which gives tips for holidaymakers, explains you can go to Google flights, type in your departure airport and then leave the ‘where to go’ box blank.

Fill in when you want to go and then in the filters put the price down to £50 or £100 – then you’ll see all the destinations that are under that total.

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FOR those determined to save cash, there’s a clever way to get the best price without spending hours trawling the net.

Sites like Skyscanner allow you to set price alerts.

Choose your destination, sign up to the alert then when prices change – either rising or plummeting – you’ll get a notification. That way you can book when the costs are at their lowest.

Enjoy a family holiday for less


Enjoy a family holiday for less


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