How Travel Nurses Can Manage Stress While Treating COVID-19 Patients


OWINGS MILLS, Md., March 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Abbella Medical Staffing, a medical staffing agency that is based in Baltimore and that specializes in travel nursing, announces tips for travel nurses on how to manage stress while treating COVID-19 patients. “COVID-19 can take its toll on many, especially travel nurses,” says Thomas Wambui, President of Abbella Medical Staffing. “It’s important for travel nurses to manage their stress levels so that their patients receive the highest level of care, and the nurses themselves are cared for, too.”

Knowing the signs of stress is the first step to helping manage it. Some of these signs include a lack of motivation, feelings of anger or anxiety, and having trouble sleeping and concentrating. It’s critical to not dismiss these symptoms of stress, or they may build up and take an even worse toll on travel nurses’ health.

Because many travel nurses are Type A personalities, they may be putting undue stress and pressure on themselves that is causing stress. Travel nurses should remember that they are only human and are thrown into unusual and trying circumstances. They should not be striving for perfection in every aspect of their job. They should realize that they are doing their best and that’s all they can do.

Many travel nurses are used to working through their breaks, and because patient need is so high with COVID-19 patients, this is easy to do. Travel nurses should take breaks, which is not only good for their health, but it is good for their patients, too. Coming back refreshed after grabbing a coffee and sitting for a few minutes can energize travel nurses, elevating the level of patient care they are administering.

Another way travel nurses can manage stress is to maintain consistency and routine in their personal lives outside of work. Getting adequate sleep, maintaining an exercise regime, and eating healthy are all important aspects of self-care that can help lower stress and improve patient care, too.

The battle against COVID-19 has been long and is not over. The long hours can leave travel nurses not only stressed, but on the cusp of burnout. Medical facilities can do their part by providing travel nurses with resources to help with stress management. This can include providing mental health counselors and training to give travel nurses the tools they need to cope with the unique stresses a pandemic brings, as well as offering flexible schedules and reminding travel nurses of their breaks. Another great way healthcare facilities can help travel nurses cope with the stress of caring for COVID-19 patients is by providing a team and collaborative environment so that nurses and other healthcare providers can rely on each other in the midst of it all.

About Abbella Medical Staffing
Abbella Medical Staffing is a Baltimore-based medical staffing agency that specializes in placing travel nurses in short-term assignments in medical facilities, including hospitals, across the nation. They offer 24-hour support to their travel nurses and take steps to help minimize their levels of stress. They strive to find concrete solutions to problems that arise, and they offer travel nurses the ultimate in flexibility in terms of their assignments. With excellent pay, benefits, and per diem, travel nurses can focus on patient care to the highest degree and make a real impact in others’ lives. To learn more about their medical staffing agency, contact them at today.

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