These TikTok-famous Safety Devices Are Perfect for Solo Travel


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TikTok is already our go-to source for finding money-saving travel tips and the coolest new gear, but we’ve recently realized it’s a great place to find travel safety advice as well. A few months ago, we saw these door stop alarms that went viral on the social media platform after a flight attendant recommended them. And now, we’ve discovered these portable door locks as the next TikTok-famous safety gadget we need to add to our packing list. 

The safety devices have been featured in dozens of videos, including this one from user @eastcoastdiy, who called portable door locks a “travel must-have.” She said it was one of two items that she always takes with her when traveling. Since she posted the video, it’s racked up over 422,000 likes from viewers, many of whom commented that they  “need one” and are “definitely going to buy one now.”

If you’re not sure how the locks work, the TikTok user explains it’s pretty simple. “You just insert the metal part into the hole of the door jam, then close the door, and then take the handle and insert it into the lock in place,” she said adding, “[the lock] will prevent anyone [even someone who has a key] from entering your room, so it’s super safe, and you can never be too safe nowadays.” 

Other people who have uploaded videos under the hashtag #portabledoorlock, say it’s not only great for traveling but it can be used as an added safety measure if you live alone or just want another layer of protection for your home. Some say they use it to keep roommates out of their bedrooms, while others say they use it to prevent break-ins. 

If you’d like to give these portable door locks a try for yourself, you’re in luck. Amazon has a ton of options available, and they’re all super affordable. We searched the entire site and found five of the most shopper-recommended options available. Each one on this list has thousands of five-star ratings and countless reviews from shoppers explaining why it’s worth investing in. 

Perhaps best of all, prices start at just $12 apiece, and none of the door locks are more than $20, so it won’t cost you a ton of money to get a little extra peace of mind when you’re traveling or at home alone. 


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